Satellite Meetings

October 15 & 16 SCI Guideline (by invitation)
October 17 FES Cycling working group (by invitation, tentative)
Champion of Change & Keynote Dinner (by invitation)
October 18 Student Social – RSVP

Oct 17

Thursday, October 17Pre-Course

1000-1200 Stem Cells 101 – Dr Fehlings

CBD, Diet and Neuropathic Pain – Dr Loh and Dr Ditor

Recruitment Perils and SCI Trials – Jane Hsieh

1200-1310 Registration
1310-1400 Keynote Presentation
Angela Colantonio
1420-1550 Concurrent Workshops – Session 1
W1-1: Individualized balance assessment and training for people with spinal cord injuries: A hands on workshop
Janelle Unger & Kristin Musselman
W1-2: Improving communication in care and research: Health Literacy 101
Sandra Mills
W1-3: The 2019 revision of the International Standards for Neurological Classification of Spinal Cord Injury: What’s new?
Kris Walden, Lise Belanger
W1-4: Leaders Lounge: Bridging the gap through knowledge exchange and the drive to improve care.
Catharine Craven, Farnoosh Farahani

Sharing Ideas for Program Planning
This is a 3 hour workshop – Part 1
1550-1610 Nutrition Break
1610-1740 Concurrent Workshops – Session 2
W2-1: “Pearls & Oysters” in the methodology for clinical SCI research: A practical approach to write and review research proposals
Julio C. Furlan, Mohammad Alavinia
W2-2: Improving communication in care and research: Health Literacy 101 (Repeat of W1-2)
Sandra Mills
W2-3: The 2019 revision of the International Standards for Neurological Classification of Spinal Cord Injury: What’s new?
Kris Walden, Lise Belanger (repeat W1-3)
W1-4 (continued) Leaders Lounge: Bridging the gap through knowledge exchange and the drive to improve care.
Catharine Craven, Farnoosh Farahani
Sharing Ideas for Program Planning
This is a 3 hour workshop – Part 2

Oct 18

Friday, October 18

0800-0850 Breakfast & Registration
0850-0940 The Dr. Nimmi Bharatwal Lectureship Keynote Presentation
#nevertheless she persisted…again
The Struggle for Women with SCI to obtain Reproductive Health Care

Amie B. McLain
1010-1050 Keynote Presentation – Sexual and Fertility Rehabilitation in Women following SCI
Stacy Elliott
1050-1120 Nutrition Break with the Exhibitors
Post-doctoral Fellowship Category Award Winner Presentations
(10 min presentation, 2 min Q/A)
1120-1220 PD1 – 1st Place
The use of aquatic therapy among rehabilitation professionals for individuals with spinal cord injury or disorder
Andresa Marinho Buzelli
PD2 – 2nd Place (Tied)
The incidence, causes, and consequences of falls in the subacute phase of spinal cord injury
Olinda Habib Perez
PD3 – 2nd Place (Tied):
Comparison of treadmill-based wheelchair propulsion and arm-crank ergometer incremental cardiorespiratory fitness tests among manual wheelchair users: A concurrent validity study
Cindy Gauthier
PD4 – 2nd Place (Tied):
Reducing the gaps between animal and human research outcomes: spinal cord injury bone biomarkers
Matheus Wiest
1220-1320 Lunch with the Exhibitors & Poster Viewing
1320-1400 Keynote Presentation – Panel Discussion
1400-1430 Nutrition Break with the Exhibitors
1430-1600 Concurrent Workshops – Session 3
W3-1: Sex and Gender Considerations in Health Research
Angela Colantonio
W3-2: “Back to the Future”- Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) therapy combined with task-specific training versus FES integrated to Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology
Julio Furlan & Cesar Marquez-Chin
W3-3: Autonomic dysreflexia and heterotopic ossification: Barriers to optimal management in the spinal sord injury population Christine Short, Andrea Townson
W3-4: The Multidisciplinary Use of the Sexual Rehabilitation Framework in Persons with SCI
Stacy Elliot, Shea Hocalski
1600-1615 Transition
1615-1730 Concurrent Workshops – Session 4
W4-1: Developing an effective mentor and mentee relationship: What graduate students and young investigators should know and do.
Sukhvinder Kalsi-Ryan & Nora Cullen
W4-2: It’s legal – now what? Practical guidance for cannabis use in spinal cord injury
Colleen O’Connell & Karen Ethans
W4-3: Addressing the elephant in the room: Integrating sexual health practice in spinal cord injury (SCI) rehabilitation
Charlie Giurleo & Anna Kras-Dupuis
W4-4: A staged framework for the clinical implementation of new rehabilitation technologies after SCI
José Zariffa, Brian C. Chan, Heather Flett, Kristin Musselman
1730-1800 Freshen Up!
1800-2000 Welcome Reception in the Exhibit Hall & Poster Viewing
2000-2300 Student/Post-doc Social

Oct 19

Saturday, October 19

0800-0840 Breakfast & Registration
0840-0930 Keynote Presentation – Native Visual Artist Lisa Boivin
1000-1224 Scientific Poster Presentations by Award Winning Recipients
Knowledge Generation
1000-1012 P1 – 1st Place
Quantifying dynamic balance control after spinal cord injury: reliability and validity of the mini-BESTest
Katherine Chan
1012-1024 P2 – 2nd Place
A Novel Tool for Predicting One-year Mortality after Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury
Nader Fallah 
1024-1036 P3 – 3rd Place
Sex as a key determinant of survival and neurological recovery after traumatic spinal cord injury: Analysis of the NASCIS-1 database
Julio Furlan
1036-1048 P4 – 1st Place
Implementation of pain best practices as part of the Spinal Cord Injury Knowledge Mobilization Network
Joanne Savoie
1048-1100 P5 – 2nd Place
A propensity score-matched cohort study comparing traumatic spinal cord injury in military personnel versus civilians
Julio Furlan
1100-1112 P6 – 3rd Place
Bladder concerns of women with spinal cord injury: A critical review of literature with recommendations
Margaret Nosek
1112-1124 P7 – 1st Place
Exploring factors affecting medication adherence for persons with spinal cord injuries and dysfunction from the perspectives of healthcare providers: A qualitative study
Sara Guilcher
1124-1136 P8 – 2nd Place (Tied)
Sex-related discrepancies in the epidemiology, injury characteristics and outcomes after acute spine trauma: Do we need a sexier strategy for healthcare delivery?
Julio Furlan
1136-1148 P9 – 2nd Place (Tied)
Opioid use in persons with traumatic spinal cord injury in Ontario, Canada using the Narcotic Monitoring System: A population-based study
Sara Guilcher
1148-1200 P10 – 1st Place
Identifying fascicles in peripheral nerves using a region-based convolutional neural network
Daniel Tovbis
1200-1212 P11 – 2nd Place
The six-minute manual wheelchair propulsion test can accurately assess aerobic fitness in manual wheelchair users with a spinal cord injury: A concurrent validity study
Alex Bass
1212-1224 P12 – 3rd Place
Spinal cord injury and polypharmacy: a scoping review
Lauren Cadel
1224-1340 Lunch with the Exhibitors & Poster Viewing
1340-1440 Top 6 Articles You Need to Read
(related to conference theme) –
Moderator: Colleen McGillivray
Christine Short – TBD
Anthony Burns – TBD
Colleen O’Connell – TBD
Karen Ethans – TBD
1530-1630 Concurrent Workshops – Session 5
W5-1: Through the lens of participants: Incorporating photovoice into research and clinical environments
Hardeep Singh, Olinda Habib Perez, Kristin Musselmann
W5-2: Functional electric stimulation cycling guidelines for adults with SCI: a presentation and engagement workshop focussing on implementation
Chester Ho & Jan W. van der Scheer
W5-3: Home care for individuals with spinal cord injury: what does the data tell us and does it reflect reality? James Milligan
W5-4: Selected conference abstracts – 6 Speakers (theme related, including late breaking abstract award recipients)
Moderator: Anthony Burns
1640-1730 Closing Keynote